Title XTERM: A Flexible Standard-Compliant XML-Based Termbase Management System
Author(s) Lorenzo Piccioni, Eros Zanchetta

SSLMIT – University of Bologna, Corso della Repubblica, 136, 47100 – Forlì (FC), Italy, lpiccio@sslmit.unibo.it, eros@sslmit.unibo.it
Session P6-T
Abstract This paper introduces XTerm, a Termbase management system (TBMS) currently under development at the Terminology Center of the School for Interpreters and Translators of the University of Bologna. The system is designed to be ISO and XML compliant and to provide a friendly environment for the insertion and visualization of terminological data. It is also open to the future evolution of international standards since it does not rely on a closed set of hard-coded data representation models. In this paper we will first introduce the project “Languages and Productive Activities”, then we will outline the main features of the XTerm TBMS: XTerm.NET, the graphical user interface (the main tool of the terminographer), XTerm.portal, the web application that provides online access to the termbase and two tools that provide innovative functionalities to the whole system: CARMA and COSY Generator.
Keyword(s) XML, Termbase Management System
Language(s) N/A
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