Combining Heterogeneous Lexical Resources


Cvetana Krstev (1), Duško Vitas (2), Ranka Stanković(3), Ivan Obradović (4), Gordana Pavlović-Lažetić (2)

(1) professor, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade; (2) professor, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade; (3) assistant, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade; (4) professor, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade; (2) professor, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade




One of the main tasks of the Natural Language Processing Group at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade is the development of various lexical resources. Among them the two most important ones are: the system of morphological dictionaries of Serbian (SMD) in Intex format and the Serbian wordnet (SWN) developed in the scope of the Balkanet project. Although these two resources represent dictionaries of a different type, developed using different models, each of them contains information that can either be incorporated into the other dictionary or that can be used in its development. In this paper we will outline some of the most interesting examples. We also present an integrated programming tool that enables the integration of these diverse lexical resources, as well as possible applications. We envisage the use of these resources in defining and linking lexical data in a way that will enable their more effective retrieval, integration, and reuse across various Web applications.


development of lexical resources, morphological dictionaries, wordnet

Language(s) Serbian, English
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