Title Morphological Analyzer for Standard Albanian 
Author(s) Jochen Trommer, Dalina Kallulli

Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrueck (Jochen Trommer), Institute of Linguistics, University of Vienna (Dalina Kallulli)

Session P14-W
Abstract In this paper, we present a morphological analyzer for standard Albanian intended as a component of an annotation tool in the context of the Albanian Corpus Initiative. The analyzer uses off-line components for generating sub-regular and irregular word forms based on the verb inflector described in Trommer (1997)  and simple morphological rules for main inflectional patterns. Part of the analyzer are a complete tagset for Albanian and full form lexica for pronouns and irregular open-class elements.
Keyword(s) Morphological analysis, part-of-speech tagging
Language(s) Albanian
Full Paper 566.pdf