An argumentative annotation schema for meeting discussions


Vincenzo PALLOTTA, Hatem GHORBEL, Patrick RUCH, Giovanni CORAY

Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne, IN F Ecublens 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, {Vincenzo.Pallotta, Hatem.Ghorbel, Patrick.Ruch, Giovanni.Coray}@epfl.ch




In this article, we are interested in the annotation of transcriptions of human-human dialogue taken from meeting records. We first propose a meeting content model where conversational acts are interpreted with respect to their argumentative force and their role in building the argumentative structure of the meeting discussion. Argumentation in dialogue describes the way participants take part in the discussion and argue their standpoints. Then, we propose an annotation scheme based on such an argumentative dialogue model as well as the evaluation of its adequacy. The obtained higher-level semantic annotations are exploited in the conceptual indexing of the information contained in meeting discussions.


Dialogue annotation, Spoken Dialog Corpora, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Argumentatation, Dialogue Acts,

Language(s) English
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