The AAC [Austrian Academy Corpus] An Enterprise to Develop Large Electronic Text Corpora


Dr Hanno Biber, Dr Evelyn Breiteneder

AAC - Austrian Academy Corpus, Austrian Academy of Sciences




The AAC [Austrian Academy Corpus] is a corpus research institution based at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. The AAC is a very large and complex electronic text collection. Its aims are to create an innovative text corpus and to conduct scholarly and scientific research in the field of electronic text corpora. In the first phase of the corpus build up the AAC is committed to have at least 100 million running words of carefully selected and scholarly annotated significant texts. The corpus approach of the AAC will allow a variety of investigations into the linguistic properties, the textual structures and the historical and literary significance of the selected texts. In the second phase of application development the size of the AAC will increase to around one billion running words. In this phase selected subcorpora will be annotated in greater detail following the AAC schemes for annotation and according to its editorial principles. The AAC working group is endeavouring to establish a corpus that meets the needs of textual studies and conveys essential information about the German language as well as about the history of the time in focus as a history of texts and of language.


Corpora, Texts, Literature

Language(s) German, English, Russian
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