Title ENABLER Thematic Network of National Projects: Technical, Strategic and Political Issues of LRs
Author(s) Nicoletta Calzolari (1), Khalid Choukri (2), Maria Gavrilidou (3), Bente Maegaard (4), Paola Baroni (5),Hanne Fers°e (4), Alessandro Lenci (5), Valerie Mapelli (2), Monica Monachini (1), Stelios Piperidis (3)

(1) Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale del CNR (ILC-CNR); (2) Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency (ELDA); (3) Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP); (4) Center for Sprogteknologi, University of Copenhagen (CST); (5) UniversitÓ degli Studi di Pisa - Dipartimento di Linguistica (UPI-DL)

Session O25-EGSW
Abstract In this paper we present general strategies concerning Language Resources (LRs) - Written, Spoken and, recently, Multimodal - as developed within the ENABLER Thematic Network. LRs are a central component of the so-called "linguistic infrastructure" (the other key element being Evaluation), necessary for the development of any Human Language Technology (HLT) application. They play a critical role, as horizontal technology, in different emerging areas of FP6, and have been recognized as a priority within a number of national projects around Europe and world-wide. The availability of LRs is also a "sensitive" issue, touching directly the sphere of linguistic and cultural identity, but also with economical, societal and political implications. This is going to be even more true in the new Europe with 25 languages on a par.
Keyword(s) Language Resources, Strategic, Political Issues, Written and Spoken, Linguistic Infrastructure, Supranational Coordination
Language(s) Any
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