Sinica BOW (Bilingual Ontological Wordnet): Integration of Bilingual WordNet and SUMO


Chu-Ren Huang, Ru-Yng Chang, Hsiang-Pin Lee

Academia Sinica




The Academia Sinica Bilingual Ontological Wordnet (Sinica BOW) integrates three resources: WordNet, English-Chinese Translation Equivalents Database (ECTED), and SUMO (Suggested Upper Merged Ontology). The three resources were originally linked in two pairs: WordNet 1.6 was manually mapped to SUMO (Niles and Pease 2003) and also to ECTED (the English lemmas in WordNet were mapped to their Chinese lexical equivalents). ECTED encodes both equivalent pairs and their semantic relations (Huang et al. 2003). With the integration of these three key resources, Sinica BOW functions both as an English-Chinese bilingual wordnet and a bilingual lexical access to SUMO. Sinica BOW allows versatile access and facilitates a combination of lexical, semantic, and ontological information. Versatility is built in with its bilinguality, and the lemma-based merging of multiple resources. First, either English or Chinese can be used for the query, as well as for presenting the content of the resources. Second, the user can easily access the logical structure of both the WordNet and SUMO ontology using either words or conceptual nodes. Third, multiple linguistic indexing is built in to allow additional versatility. Fourth, domain information allows another dimension of knowledge manipulation.


Semantic Web, WordNet, Ontology

Language(s) Chinese, English
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