The new Dutch-Flemish HLT Programme: a concerted effort to stimulate the HLT sector


Catia Cucchiarini, Elisabeth D’Halleweyn

Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union)




In 2004 a new, comprehensive Dutch-Flemish HLT programme will be launched by a number of ministries and organizations in the Netherlands and Flanders. To guarantee its Dutch-Flemish character, this large-scale programme will be carried out under the auspices of the Dutch Language Union (NTU). The aim of this new initiative, which is a continuation of the previous HLT Platform project, is to contribute to the further progress of HLT for the Dutch language. In trying to achieve this goal the project partners will make a concerted effort aimed at raising awareness of HLT results, , promoting innovation oriented strategic research in HLT, stimulating the demand of HLT products, developing HLT resources that are essential and are known to be missing, organising the management, maintenance and distribution of HLT resources.


language resources, HLT infrastructure, BLARK

Language(s) Dutch
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