Intelligent Building of Language Resources for HLT Applications


Anna Samiotou (1), Lambros Kranias (1), Dimitrios Kokkinakis (2)

(1) ESTeam AB, Sikelianou 8, 146 71 Athens, Greece, esteam@otenet.gr; (2) University of Gothenburg, Box 200, 405 30 Göteborg, Sweden, dimitrios.kokkinakis@svenska.gu.se




It is generally agreed by human language technology (HLT) practitioners (information scientists, computational linguists etc.) that the collection and processing of legacy data as well as the definition and development of the knowledge structure for the purpose of building language resources (LRs) for HLT applications, such as machine translation and knowledge management systems, is a crucial issue. This paper deals with a semi-automatic, data-driven scenario for building language resources for multilingual HLT applications. The scenario is language and domain independent to a great extend and conforms to international standards.


Multilinguality, Ontologies, Knowledge/Domain structure

Language(s) Multilingual approach (examples in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French)
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