Title The GENOMA-KB Platform: Queries Over Integrated Linguistic Resources
Author(s) Margarita Hospedales, Manel Rodriguez

Serveis i Plataformes Orientades al Coneixement (SPOC)

Session P15-T
Abstract The human genome knowledge base platform integrates a variety of linguistic resources - Textual corpus, Terminological bank, Bibliographic bank and Factographic bank- in a unified environment independent of the origin and nature of the data it retrieves thereby offering the visitor one sole access point for different heterogeneous sources of information. GENOMA-KB platform has been developed by SPOC in order to make reality the initiative presented by the Institute for Applied Linguistics (IULA). One of the requirements of the solution has been to minimize its impact on the normal working procedures of the linguist team. For this reason the data input processes, that are carried out using a number of applications that act over different types of databases in various types of servers with heterogeneous operating systems, have been left intact. GENOMA-KB's user interface, developed under the premise of ease of navigation and aesthetic quality, offers the visitor a unified search interface and transparent navigation between different information sources, achieved in an agile and simple fashion. 
Keyword(s) Terminology, Corpus, Ontology, Bibliography, Entity, GENOMA-KB, Human Genome
Language(s) Catalan, Spanish, English
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