Using Weighted Abduction to Align Term Variant Translations in Bilingual Texts


Michael Carl, Ecaterina Rascu, Johann Haller

Institut für Angewandte Informationsforschung, Saarbrücken, Germany




In this paper we describe a method for detecting terminological variants and their translations in bilingual texts. Our approach is based on abductive reasoning and combines various monolingual and bilingual resources. A small scale experiment shows that precision and recall increase when using more resources and when the resources interfere in a less restricted way. In order to tune our system, we develop a weighing strategy based on the precision of term translation alignments in a reference text. We feed these weights back into the linguistic resources and repeat the experiment. The results show that precision values are considerably higher when weighing term alignments.


recognition of terminological variants, weighted abduction of term templates

Language(s) English, French
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