Collection of SLR in the Asian-Pacific area


 Asunción Moreno (1), Khalid Choukri (2), Phill Hall (3), Henk van den Heuvel (4), Eric Sanders (4), Francesco Senia (5), Herbert Tropf (6)

(1) UPC, Spain; (2) ELDA, France; (3) Appen, Australia; (4) SPEX, The Netherlands; (5) Loquendo SpA, Italy; (6) Siemens AG, Germany




 The goal of this project (LILA) is the collection of a large number of spoken databases for training Automatic Speech Recognition Systems for telephone applications in the Asian Pacific area. Specifications follow those of SpeechDat-like databases. Utterances will be recorded directly from calls made either from fixed or cellular telephones and are composed by read text and answers to specific questions. The project is driven by a consortium composed by a large number of industrial companies. Each company is in charge of the production of two databases. The consortium shares the databases produced in the project. The goal of the project should be reached within the year 2005.


 Oral Databases, Asia, Speech recognition


 Mandarin, Hindi, Japanesse, Korean, Thai, English

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