Evaluation Of a Speech Cuer: From Motion Capture To a Concatenative text-to-cued Speech System


Guillaume Gibert (1), Gérard Bailly (1), Frédéric Eliséi (1), Denis Beautemps (1), Rémi Brun (2)

(1) Institut de la Communication Parlée UMR CNRS 5009, INPG/U3 46, av. Félix Viallet - 38031 Grenoble FRANCE; (2) Attitude Studio SA, 100 Avenue du Général Leclerc, 93692 Pantin FRANCE




We present here our efforts for characterizing the 3D movements of the right hand and the face of a French female during the production of manual cued speech. We analyzed the 3D trajectories of 50 hand and 63 facial fleshpoints during the production of 238 utterances carefully designed for covering all possible diphones of the French language. Linear and non linear statistical models of the hand and face deformations and postures have been developed using both separate and joint corpora. We implement a concatenative audiovisual text-to-cued speech synthesis system.


Cued speech, AVTTS, Motion capture

Language(s) French
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