Designing and Recording an Audiovisual Database of Emotional Speech in Basque


Eva Navas, Amaia Castelruiz, Iker Luengo, Jon Sánchez, Inmaculada Hernáez

University of the Basque Country Alda. Urquijo s/n 48013 Bilbao (SPAIN)




This paper describes an emotional speech database recorded for standard Basque. This database was recorded in the framework of a project in which the goal was to develop an avatar. therefore, the image corresponding to the expression of the different emotions was also needed. This is why an audiovisual database was developed. The designed database contains six basic emotions as well as the neutral speaking style. It consists in isolated words and sentences read by a professional dubbing actress. At present, this database is being used to study the prosodic models related with each emotion in standard Basque.


Emotional speech, prosody

Language(s) Standard Basque
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