The Corpógrafo – a Web-based environment for corpora research


Luís Sarmento (1), Belinda Maia (2), Diana Santos (1,3)

(1) Linguateca - Pólo do FLUP - Via Panorâmica, s/n, 4150-564 Porto, Portugal - las@letras.up.pt; (2); Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto - Via Panorâmica, s/n, 4150-564 Porto, Portugal - bmaia@mail.telepac.pt; (3) SINTEF ICT - Pb 124 Blindern, 0314 Oslo, Norway - Diana.Santos@sintef.no




In this paper we present the Corpógrafo, an integrated web-based environment for corpora linguistics and knowledge engineering that is being developed at the Porto node of Linguateca. The Corpógrafo aims to provide an integrated corpora research environment by making freely available on the web a comprehensive set of text and language tools (http://www.linguateca.pt/corpografo/). We present the current stage of development of the Corpógrafo, discuss its current limitations and propose possible developments.


Corpora, Terminology, User-centred design, Web services, Specialized corpora, Corpus tools

Language(s) Portuguese, English
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