Putting the Dutch PAROLE Corpus to Work


P.H.J. van der Kamp, J.G. Kruyt

Institute for Dutch Lexicology INL




We discuss the activities towards the development of the retrieval application of the Dutch PAROLE Corpus. Compared to the other corpora developed by INL, the PAROLE Corpus has been encoded with more extended types of metadata, conformant to the TEI standard for text encoding. A search engine and a web-based user interface, both newly developed by INL, provide the user with the functionality to explore the corpus, not only at the level of the text, but also at the level of the metadata or a combination of the two. In view of our experience with corpus retrieval, we did not follow the complete system development cycle, but used an alternative method instead.


PAROLE, TEI, Dutch, corpus exploration, JavaScript

Language(s) Dutch
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