The Design of Czech Language Formal Listening Tests for the Evaluation of TTS Systems


Daniel Tihelka, Jindřich Matoušek

University of West Bohemia, Department of Cybernetics




This paper presents an attempt to design listening tests for the Czech synthesis speech evaluation. The design is based on standardized and widely used listening tests for English; therefore, we can benefit from the advantages provided by standards. Bearing the Czech language phenomena in mind, we filled the standard frameworks of several listening tests, especially the MRT (Modified Rhyme Test) and the SUS (Semantically Unpredictable Sentences) test; the Czech National Corpus was used for this purpose. Designed tests were instantly used for real tests in which 88 people took part, a procedure which proved correct. This was the first attempt to design Czech listening tests according to given standard frameworks and it was successful.


Synthetic speech evaluation, the Czech language, listening tests (MRT, SUS, MOS, CCR), the Czech National Corpus.

Language(s) Czech
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