The GENOMA-KB project: towards the integration of concepts, terms, textual corpora and entities


M. Teresa Cabré, Carme Bach, Rosa Estopŕ, Judit Feliu, Gemma Martínez, Jorge Vivaldi

Institute for Applied Linguistics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, La Rambla 30-32, 08002 Barcelona, Spain




In the past twenty years much efforts have been devoted to the development of ontologies and term bases for different fields. All this work has been done separately or with slight integration. The GENOMA-KB is a project whose main aim is to integrate, at least, both resources. In this paper, most relevant aspects of the project are presented. Each module is individually described and the links among them are highlighted. Finally, a query system to interrogate the knowledge base is briefly introduced.


knowledge bases, corpus, terminology, ontology, term base

Language(s) Spanish, Catalan, English
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