Lithuanian Speech Database LTDIGITS


Algimantas Rudzionis (Kaunas university of technology, Studentu 65-108, Kaunas, Lithuania)

 Vytautas Rudzionis (Vilnius university, Muitines 8, Kaunas, Lithuania)


SP2: Speech Varieties And Multilingual ASR


The Lithuanian speech database LTDIGITS was developed. Some details of this database could be of more general interest. These features are related with collected set of nasal consonant realizations in different vowel contexts. First, LTDIGITS contains nasal vowel syllables where nasal is before open, middle and closed vowels. Second, the database includes special continuous phrase with above mentioned nasal vowel syllables. These nasal-vowel pairs are in the stressed positions in the front of short 2 3 syllable words. Third, both the utterances to words and word to phones marking and labeling procedures were applied and are presented here.


Databases, LTDIGITS

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