Using the Annotated Bibliography as a Resource for Indicative Summarization


Min-Yen Kan (Department of Computer Science, Columbia University) 

Judith L. Klavans (Department of Computer Science, Columbia University)

Kathleen R. McKeown (Department of Computer Science, Columbia University


WP5: Components & Systems


We report on a language resource consisting of 2000 annotated bibliography entries, which is being analyzed as part of our research on indicative document summarization. We show how annotated bibliographies cover certain aspects of summarization that have not been covered by other summary corpora, and motivate why it is an important form to study for information retrieval. We detail our methodology for collecting the corpus, and overview our document feature markup that we introduced to facilitate summary analysis. We present the characteristics of the corpus, methods of collection, and show its use in finding the distribution of types of information included in indicative summaries and their relative ordering within the summaries.


Indicative summarization, Annotated bibliographies, Digital library metadata use

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