UNL Lexical Selection with Conceptual Vectors


Mathieu LAFOURCADE (LIRMM 161, rue Ada F-34392 Montpellier cedex 5, France)

Christian BOITET (GETA, CLIPS, IMAG 385, av. de la bibliothèque, BP 53 F-38041 Grenoble cedex 9, France)


WO20: Machine Translation


When deconverting a UNL graph into some natural language LG, we often encounter lexical items (called UWs) made of an English headword and formalized semantic restrictions, such as "look for (icl>do, agt>person)", which are not yet connected to lemmas, so that is it necessary to find a "nearest" UW in the UNL-LG dictionary, such as "look for (icl>action, agt>human, obj>thing)". Then, this UW may be connected to several lemmas of LG. In order to solve these problems of incompleteness and polysemy, we are applying a method based on the computation of "conceptual vectors", previously used successfully in the context of thematic indexing of French and English documents.


Disambiguation, Deconversion, UNL-French localization, Transfer, Conceptual vectors, Lexical selection

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