Language Resources and Evaluation: International Strategy Panel


Joseph Mariani (Limsi-CNRS (Orsay) and French Ministry of Research, France)

Mark Maybury (MITRE, Bedford, MA, USA)

Fabio Pianesi (IRST, Italy)

John Prange (ARDA, Washington D.C., USA)

Bernd Reuse (BMBF, Germany)

Phil Rubin (NSF, Washington D.C., USA)

Daniel Tapias (Telefónica Móviles España, Spain)

Giovanni Battista Varile (European Commission - Information Society Directorate General, Luxembourg)

Charles Wayne (DARPA, Washington D.C., USA)

Antonio Zampolli (Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale, Pisa, Italy)


Panel P3


This panel aims to foster international understanding and cooperation on the topic of language resources and evaluation. Through a series of short presentations and discussion focused on the questions below, the participants will attempt to articulate and jointly discover international strategies for language resources and evaluation.


Language resources

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