A dynamic model for reference corpora structure definition


Fabio Tamburini (CILTA - University of Bologna Piazza S.Giovanni in Monte, 4, I-40124, Bologna, Italy)


WP6: LRs & Projects


A representative corpus of written Italian CORIS constructed at the Centre for Theoretical and Applied Linguistics of Bologna University (CILTA) is available on-line. Considering the importance of the comparability of reference corpora in interlinguistic studies, a further corpus CODIS was designed. Aimed at specialist needs, CODIS presents a dynamic and adaptive structure providing for the selection of the subcorpora pertinent to a specific research project and allowing the researcher to define the size of each subcorpus. CODIS is designed to be dynamically adapted by the scholar to different comparative needs by a careful combination of small corpus chunks of various types and sizes. The chunk sizes were carefully selected in order to allow for various combinations creating subcorpora of different sizes, ranging from 0 to the maximum size of each CORIS subcorpus. This fine granularity provides a wide range of corpora composition options, satisfying almost all comparative needs.


Corpus structure, Interlinguistic analysis, Subcorpora, Representative

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