Automatic detection of prosodic prominence in continuous speech


Fabio Tamburini (CILTA/DEIS - University of Bologna Piazza S.Giovanni in Monte, 4, I-40124, Bologna, Italy)


SP1: Speech Resources


This paper presents work in progress on the automatic detection of prosodic prominence in continuous speech. Prosodic prominence involves two different phonetic features: pitch accents, connected with fundamental frequency (F0) movements and syllable overall energy, and stress, which exhibits a strong correlation with syllable duration and high-frequency emphasis. By deriving a set of acoustic parameters it is possible to build syllable-stress detectors as well as pitch-accent detectors and combine them to build an automatic system devoted to prominence detection. Starting from a syllable-segmented utterance, the system presented here is capable of correctly identify prominent syllables with an agreement, with human-tagged data, comparable with the inter-human agreement reported in the literature. 


Prosodic prominence, Automatic tagging, Acoustic parameters, Pitch accents, Stress

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