SpeechDat across all America: SALA II


Asunción Moreno (UPC)

Oren Gedge (NSC)

Henk van den Heuvel (SPEX)

Harald Höge (Siemens AG)

Sabine Horbach (Philips Speech Processing)

Patricia Martin (Microsoft Corp)

Elisabeth Pinto (Telisma)

Antonio Rincón (ATLAS) 

Franco Senia (Loquendo)

Rafid Sukkar (Lucent Technologies)


SO1: Large Projects-Initiatives For Speech Corpora


SALA II is a project co-sponsored by several companies that focuses on collecting linguistic data dedicated for training speaker independent speech recognizers for mobile/cellular network telephone applications. The goal of the project is to produce SpeechDat-like databases in all the significant languages and dialects spoken across Latin America, US and Canada. Utterances will be recorded directly from calls made from cellular telephones and are composed by read text and answers to specific questions. The goal of the project should be reached within the year 2003.


Speech database, Mobile/Cellular telephone speech, America, Speech recognition, Language resources

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