Fish or Fowl: A Wizard of Oz Evaluation of Dialogue Strategies in the Restaurant Domain


Steve Whittaker (AT&T Labs - Research Florham Park, NJ, USA, 07932)

MarilynWalker (AT&T Labs - Research Florham Park, NJ, USA, 07932)

Johanna Moore (University of Edinburgh 2 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh, Scotland, EH8 9LW)


SP3 Annotation Tools: From Speech Segments To Dialogues


Recent work on evaluation of spoken dialogue systems suggests that the information presentation phase of complex dialogues is often the primary contributor to dialogue duration. This indicates that better algorithms are needed for the presentation of complex information in speech. Currently however we lack data about the tasks and dialogue strategies on which to base such algorithms. In this paper, we describe aWizard of Oz tool and a study which applies user models based on multi-attribute decision theory to the problem of generating tailored and concise system responses for a spoken dialogue system. The resulting Wizard corpus will be distributed by the LDC as part of our work on the ISLE project.


Restaurant domain

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