Subject-field-specific Ontologies and Terminologies for the Web Community


Klaus-Dirk Schmitz (University of Applied Sciences Cologne Institute for Information Management, Department of Modern Languages Mainzer Str. 5, D-50678 Köln, Germany)


TO1: Terminology


A terminological thesis written in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne contains descriptive terminology of a limited domain. These systematic, concept-oriented terminological data are available in electronic form (MultiTerm database format). The WebTerm Project aims to consolidate and convert the terminological data to a web-based system allowing efficient and free access to these terminologies. Special attention is paid to the dynamic representation of the system of concepts and the ontological relations of these data collections. The paper describes the structure and content of the terminological theses and the terminology contained, as well as the web-based dynamic interface to the ontologies and terminologies developed in the framework of the WebTerm Project.



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