Multilingual Terminology Extraction and Validation


Antonio S.Valderrábanos (SchlumbergerSema Spain Albarracín 25, 28037 Madrid, Spain)

Alexander Belskis (SchlumbergerSema Spain Albarracín 25, 28037 Madrid, Spain)

Luis Iraola Moreno (SchlumbergerSema Spain Albarracín 25, 28037 Madrid, Spain)


TO1: Terminology


This paper presents the automatic terminology extraction approach developed within project LIQUID1. This project aims at developing a cost-effective solution for the problem of cross-language access to multilingual text databases in technical and scientific domains. Cross-Language Information Retrieval faces a major challenge: organizing unstructured textual information according to its contents and regardless of its language. Our solution is based on two main components, a terminology extraction tool and a domain-specific ontology. The terminology extraction tool identifies the terminology that describes the contents of a particular document. Then, these terms are linked to a domain-specific ontology. This paper presents the terminology extraction tool and the experimental results obtained in the domain of Gastroenterology.


Multilingual terminology

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