Compiling an Interactive Literary Translation Web Site for Education Purposes


José Miguel Aguilar Río (Research Student, Department of Translation and Interpreting, Universidad de Málaga)


WP1: Corpora & Corpus Tools


The project under discussion represents an attempt to exploit the potential of web resources for higher education and, more particularly, on a domain (that of literary translation) which is traditionally considered not very much in relation to technology and computer science. Translation and Interpreting students at the Universidad de Málaga are offered the possibility to take an English-Spanish Literary Translation module, which epitomises the need for debate in the field of Humanities. Sadly enough, implementation of course methodology is rendered very difficult or impossible owing to time restrictions and overcrowded classrooms. 
It is our contention that the setting up of a web site may solve some of these issues. We intend to provide both students and the literary translation-aware Internet audience with an integrated, scalable, multifunctional debate forum. Project contents will include a detailed course description, relevant reference materials and interaction services (mailing list, debate forum and chat rooms). This is obviously without limitation, as the Forum is open to any other contents that users may consider necessary or convenient, with a view to a more interdisciplinary approach, further research on the field of Literary Translation and future developments within the project framework. 


E-Learning, CALL, Computer-Mediated communication, Translation studies, Literary translation

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