New Developments in Ontological Semantics


Antonio Moreno Ortiz (University of Málaga & Onyx Inc.F. Filosofía y Letras, 29071 Málaga, Spain)

Victor Raskin (Purdue University & Onyx Inc. West Lafayette, IN 47907 USA)

Sergei Nirenburg (Computing Research Laboratory, NMSU & Onyx Inc. Las Cruces, NM 88003 USA)


WO10: Ontologies


In this paper we discuss ongoing activity within the approach to natural language processing known as ontological semantics, as defined in Nirenburg and Raskin (forthcoming). After a brief discussion of the principal tenets on which this approach is built, and a revision of extant implementations that have led toward its present form, we concentrate on some specific aspects that are key to the development of this approach, such as the acquisition of the semantics of lexical items and, intimately connected with this, the ontology, the central resource in this approach. Although we review the fundamentals of the approach, the focus is on practical aspects of implementation, such as the automation of static knowledge acquisition and the acquisition of scripts to enrich the ontology further.


Ontological semantics

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