SPEECON - Speech Databases for Consumer Devices: Database Specification and Validation


Dorota Iskra (SPEX)

Beate Grosskopf (Philips Speech Processing)

Krzysztof Marasek (Sony)

Henk van den Heuvel (SPEX)

Frank Diehl (TEMIC Sprachverarbeitung)

Andreas Kiessling (Ericsson Eurolab)


SP1: Speech Resources


SPEECON (Speech-Driven Interfaces for Consumer Devices) is a project which aims to develop voice-driven interfaces for consumer applications. Led by an industrial consortium, the projectís goal is to collect speech data for at least 20 languages and 600 speakers per language (mostly adults but children as well). Recorded in different environments which are expected to be representative for the future applications, the database corpus comprises both spontaneous and read speech, the latter including phonetically rich material, a large number of application commands and isolated items such as digits, names, etc. In order to safeguard consistency and high quality of the databases, all of them are subject to validation. This paper describes in detail the specifications of the databases as well as the validation procedure.


Speech database, Voice-Driven interfaces, Database validation, Speech recognition, Information society technologies

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