An Iterative Data Collection Approach for Multimodal Dialogue Systems


Stefan Rapp (Sony Intern. (Europe) GmbH, Advanced Technology Center Stuttgart Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 1, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany)

Michael Strube (European Media Laboratory GmbH, Villa Bosch Schloß-Wolfsbrunnenweg 33, 69118 Heidelberg, Germany)


MMO3: Collection & Indexing Of Multimodal LR


This paper deals with the way in which data for multimodal dialogue systems are  collected. We argue that for multimodal data, an iterative data collection strategy should be followed. Instead of a single major data collection effort using a "Wizard of OZ" (WOZ) or "prompting" experimental setup, several smaller data collections should accompany the system development. We also describe the "script" experimental setup we  developed. It is in between the WOZ and prompting setup, and can be used as a cost  effective design for the first data collection within the iterative data collection strategy.


Multimodal dialogue systems

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