Identifying Verb Arguments and their Syntactic Function in the Penn Trebank


Alexandra Kinyon (Department of Computer and Information Science University of Pennsylvania)

Carlos A. Prolo (Department of Computer and Information Science University of Pennsylvania)


WO21: Treebanks


In this paper, we present a tool that allows one to automatically extract verb argument-structure from the Penn Treebank as well as from other corpora annotated with the Penn Treebank release 2 conventions. More specifically, we examine each possible sequence of tags, both functional and categorial and determine whether such a sequence indicates an obligatory argument, an optional argument or a modifier. We argue that this approach is more fine-grained and thus more satisfactory than the existing approaches which have aimed at determining argumenthood in the Penn Treebank. The goal of this work is to provide a set of sufficiently general and fine-grained rules as well as an implementation which will be reusable and freely available to the research community.


Extraction, Verb subcategorization, Treebank

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