LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title A Platform for Dutch in Human Language Technologies
Authors D'Halleweyn Elisabeth (Nederlandse Taalunie, Postbus 10595, 2501 HN Den Haag, The Netherlands,,
Dewallef Erwin (Nederlandse Taalunie, c/o Ministry of the Flemish Community, Science and Innovation Administration, Boudewijlaan 30, B-1000Brussel, Belgium,,
Beeken Jeannine (Nederlandse Taalunie, Postbus 10595, 2501 HN Den Haag, The Netherlands,
Keywords Binational Policies, Evaluation, Legal Issues, Maintenance, Organisational Issues, Priorities
Session Session SO1 - Data Centers / Major Projects
Full Paper, 348.pdf
Abstract As ICT increasingly forms a part of our daily life it becomes more and more important that all citizens can make use of their native languages in all communicative situations. For the development of successful applications and products for Dutch basic provisions are required. The development of the basic material that is lacking, is an expensive undertaking which exceeds the capacity of the individuals involved. Collaboration between the various agents (policy, knowledge infrastructure and industry) in the Netherlands and Flanders is required. The existence of the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie) facilitates this co-operation. The responsible ministers decided to set up a Dutch-Flemish platform for Dutch in Human Language Technologies. The purpose of the platform is the further construction of an adequate digital language infrastructure for Dutch so that the industry develops the required applications which must guarantee that the citizens in Holland and Flanders can use their own language in their communication within the information society and the Dutch language area remains a full player in a multi-lingual Europe. This paper will show some of the efforts that have been taken