LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title NL-Translex: Machine Translation for Dutch
Authors Cucchiarini Catia (Nederlandse Taalunie, Lange Voorhout 19, P.O. Box 10595, 2501 HN, The Hague, The Netherlands,
Van Hoorde Johan (Nederlandse Taalunie, Lange Voorhout 19, P.O. Box 10595, 2501 HN, The Hague, The Netherlands,
D'Halleweyn Elisabeth (Nederlandse Taalunie, Postbus 10595, 2501 HN Den Haag, The Netherlands,,
Keywords Dutch, Evaluation in Written Language Processing, Machine Translation, Written Language Resources
Session Session WP9 - Applications using Written Language Resources
Full Paper, 294.pdf
Abstract NL-Translex is an MLIS-project which is funded jointly by the European Commission, the Dutch Language Union, the Ducth Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Flemish Institute for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Research in Industry. The aim of this project is to develop Machine Translation components that will handle unrestricted text and translate Dutch from and into English, French and German. In addition to this practical aim, the partners in this project all have objectives relating to strategy, language policy and culture. The modules to be developed are intended primarily for use by EU institutions and the translation services of official bodies in the Member States. In this paper we describe in detail the aims and structure of the project, the user population, the available resources and the activities carried out so far, in particular the procedure followed for the call for tenders aimed at selecting a technonolgy provider. Finally, we describe the acceptance procedure, the strategic impact of the project and the dissemination plan.