LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title Accessibility of Multilingual Terminological Resources - Current Problems and Prospects for the Future
Authors Budin Gerhard (University of Vienna, Department of Translation and Interpretation, 1190 Vienna, Austria,
Melby Alan K. (Brigham Young University, Department of Linguistics, Provo, Utah, USA,
Keywords Accessibility, Data interchange, Multilingual Terminological Resources, SALT
Session Session TO1 - Terminology
Full Paper, 283.pdf
Abstract In this paper we analyse the various problems in making multilingual terminological resources available to users. Different levels of diversity and incongruence among such resources are discussed. Previous standardization efforts are reviewed. As a solution to the lack of co-ordination and compatibility among an increasing number of ‘standard’ interchange formats, a higher level of integration is proposed for the purpose of terminology-enabled knowledge sharing. The family of formats currently being developed in the SALT project is presented as a contribution to this solution.