LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title The Establishment of Motorola's Human Language Data Resource Center: Addressing the Criticality of Language Resources in the Industrial Setting
Authors Talley Jim (Motorola Labs, Human Interface Laboratory, 7700 W. Parmer Ln., MD: PL26; Austin, TX 78729; USA,
Keywords Corporate Usage of HLR, Formation of Company (Motorola) Organization, Industrial Human Language Resource Center
Session Session SO1 - Data Centers / Major Projects
Full Paper, 260.pdf
Abstract Within the human language technology (HLT) field it is widely understood that the availability (and effective utilization) of voluminous, high quality language resources is both a critical need and a critical bottleneck in the advancement and deployment of cutting edge HLT applications. Recently formed (inter-)national human language resource (HLR) consortia (e.g., LDC, ELRA,...) have made great strides in addressing this challenge by distributing a rich array of pre-competitive HLRs. However, HLT application commercialization will continue to demand that HLRs specific to target products (and complementary to consortially available resources) be created. In recognition of the general criticality of HLRs, Motorola has recently formed the Human Language Data Resource Center (HLDRC) to streamline and leverage our HLR creation and utilization efforts. In this paper, we use the specific case of the Motorola HLDRC to help examine the goals and range of activities which fall into the purview of a company- internal HLR organization, look at ways in which such an organization differs from (and is similar to) HLR consortia, and explore some issues with respect to implementation of a wholly within-company HLR organization like the HLDRC.