LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title Application of WordNet ILR in Czech Word-formation
Authors Klímová Jana (Institute of Czech Language, Academy of Scienses of the Czech republic, Letenská 4, 118 51 Praha, Czech republic,
Pala Karel (Dept. of Information Technologies, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk Univercity Brno, Botanicá 68a, 600 00 Brno, Czech Republic,
Keywords Corpus, Derivation, Word Formation, WordNet
Session Session WP4 - Lexicon: Semantic and Multilingual Issues
Full Paper, 223.pdf
Abstract The aim of this paper is to describe some typical word formation procedures in Czech and to show how the internal language relations (ILR) as they are introduced in Czech WordNet can be related to the chosen derivational processes. In our exploration we have paid attention to the roles of agent, location, instrument and subevent which yield the most regular and rich ways of suffix derivation in Czech. We also deal with the issues of the translation equivalents and corresponding lexical gaps that had to be solved in the framework of EuroWordNet 2 (confronting Czech with English) since they are basically brought about by verb prefixation (single, double, verb aspect pairs) or noun suffixation (diminutives, move in gender). Finally, we try to demonstrate that the mentioned derivational processes can be employed to extend Czech lexical resources in a semiautomatic way.