LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title Designing a Tool for Exploiting Bilingual Comparable Corpora
Authors Bennison Peter (Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland,
Bowker Lynne (Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland,
Keywords Bilingual Comparable Corpora, Computer-Assisted Translation Tools, Corpus Design, ExTrECC, Term Extraction, Translation Equivalents
Session Session WP3 - Multilingual Corpora
Full Paper, 20.pdf
Abstract Translators have a real need for a tool that will allow them to exploit information contained in bilingual comparable corpora. ExTrECC is designed to be a semi-automatic tool that processes bilingual comparable corpora and presents a translator with a list of potential equivalents (in context) of the search term. The task of identifying translation equivalents in a non-aligned, non-translated corpus is a difficult one, and ExTrECC makes use of a number of techniques, some of which are simple and others more sophisticated. The basic design of ExTrECC (graphical user interface, architecture, algorithms) is outlined in this paper.