LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title Rule-based Tagging: Morphological Tagset versus Tagset of Analytical Functions
Authors Ribarov Kiril (Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics Charles University Malostranské námĕstí 25 118 00 Prague Czech Republic, e-mail:
Keywords Analytical Functions, Dependency Syntax, Rule-Based, Tagging, Tagset
Session Session WP5 - Corpus Tagging
Full Paper, 199.pdf
Abstract This work presents a part of a more global study on the problem of parsing of Czech and on the knowledge extraction capabilities of the Rule-based method. It is shown that the successfulness of the Rule-based method for English and its unsuccessfulness for Czech, is not only due to the small cardinality of the English tagset (as it is usually claimed) but mainly depends on its structure (”regularity” of the language information).