LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title A Semi-automatic System for Conceptual Annotation, its Application to Resource Construction and Evaluation
Authors Black W.J. (Department of Language Engineering, UMIST, Manchester, UK, email:bill,
McNaught John (Centre for Computational Linguistics, UMIST P.O.Box 88 Manchester, U.K., M60 1QD email:
Zarri G.P. (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France)
Persidis A. (ASSETT–Biovista, Athens, Greece)
Brasher A. (Pira International, Leatherhead, UK)
Gilardoni L. (QUINARY SpA, Milano, Italy)
Bertino E. (Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Informazione, Università degli Studi, Milano, Italy)
Semeraro G. (Dipartimento di Informatica, Universita di Bari, Italy)
Leo P. (Java Technology Center, IBM Semea Sud, Bari, Italy,
Session Session WO16 - Corpus Annotation and Information Extraction
Full Paper, 165.pdf
Abstract The CONCERTO project, primarily concerned with the annotation of texts for their conceptual content, combines automatic linguistic analysis with manual annotation to ensure the accuracy of fact extraction, and to encode content in a rich knowledge representation framework. The system provides annotation tools, automatic multi-level linguistic analysis modules, a partial parsing formalism with a more user friendly language than standard regular expression languages, XML-based document management, and a powerful knowledge representation and query facility. We describe the architecture and functionality of the system, and how it can be adapted for a range of resource construction tasks, and how the system can be configured to compute statistics on the accuracy of its automatic analysis components.