LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Title Semantic Encoding of Danish Verbs in SIMPLE - Adapting a Verb Framed Model to a Satellite-framed Language
Authors Sandford Pedersen Bolette (Center for Sprogteknologi, Njalsgade 80, DK-2300 S, Denmark,
Nimb Sanni (Center for Sprogteknologi, Njalsgade 80, DK-2300 S, Denmark,
Keywords Danish verbs, Lexical Semantics, Lexicon, Phrasal verbs, Satellited-Framed Language
Session Session WO17 - Semantic Lexicons
Full Paper, 13.pdf
Abstract In this paper we give an account of the representation of Danish verbs in the semantic lexicon model, SIMPLE. Danish is a satellite-framed language where prepositions and adverbial particles express what in many other languages form part of the meaning of the verb stem. This aspect of Danish - as well as of the other Scandinavian languages - challenges the borderlines of a universal, strictly modular framework which centralises around the governing word classes and their arguments. In particular, we look into the representation of phrasal verbs and we propose a classification into compositional and non-compositional phrasal verbs, respectively, and adopt a so-called split late strategy where non-compositional phrasal verbs are identified only at the semantic level of analysis.