LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
292 Labeling of Prosodic Events in Slovenian Speech Database GOPOLIS France Mihelič, Jerneja Gros, Elmar Nöth, Volker Warnke
353 Language Resources as by-Product of Evaluation: The MULTITAG Example Patrick Paroubek
297 Language Resources Development at the Spanish Royal Academy Ángel Martín Municio, Guillermo Rojo, Fernando Sánchez León, Octavio Pinillos
210 Large, Multilingual, Broadcast News Corpora for Cooperative Research in Topic Detection and Tracking: The TDT-2 and TDT-3 Corpus Efforts Christopher Cieri, David Graff, Mark Liberman, Nii Martey, Stephanie Strassel
234 Layout Annotation in a Corpus of Patient Information Leaflets Nadjet Bouayad-Agha
281 Le Programme Compalex (COMPAraison LEXicale) Josué Ndamba, Jean Silence Bayamboussa
213 Learning Preference of Dependency between Japanese Subordinate Clauses and its Evaluation in Parsing Takehito Utsuro
145 Learning Verb Subcategorization from Corpora: Counting Frame Subsets Daniel Zeman, Anoop Sarkar
215 Lessons Learned from a Task-based Evaluation of Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation Lori Levin, Boris Bartlog, Ariadna Font Llitjos, Donna Gates, Alon Lavie, Dorcas Wallace, Taro Watanabe, Monika Woszczyna
122 Lexical and Translation Equivalence in Parallel Corpora Tamás Váradi
148 Lexicalised Systematic Polysemy in WordNet Wim Peters, Ivonne Peters
271 LEXIPLOIGISSI: An Educational Platform for the Teaching of Terminology in Greece Constandina Economou, Spyros Raptis, Gregory Stainhaouer
214 Live Lexicons and Dynamic Corpora Adapted to the Network Resources for Chinese Spoken Language Processing Applications in an Internet Era Lin-Shan Lee, Lee-Feng Chien
299 Looking for Errors: A Declarative Formalism for Resource-adaptive Language Checking Andrew Bredenkamp, Berthold Crysmann, Mirela Petrea
93 LT TTT - A Flexible Tokenisation Tool Claire Grover, Colin Matheson, Andrei Mikheev, Marc Moens