LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
340 Improving Lexical Databases with Collocational Information: Data from Portuguese Paula Guerreiro
141 Integrating Seed Names and ngrams for a Named Entity List and Classifier Sabine Buchholz, Antal van den Bosch
219 Integrating Subject Field Codes into WordNet Bernardo Magnini, Gabriela Cavaglià
334 Interactive Corpus Annotation Thorsten Brants, Oliver Plaehn
333 Inter-annotator Agreement for a German Newspaper Corpus Thorsten Brants
319 Interarbora and Thistle - Delivering Linguistic Structure by the Internet Jo Calder
239 Introduction of KIBS (Korean Information Base System) Project Young-Soog Chae, Key-Sun Choi
261 IPA Japanese Dictation Free Software Project Katsunobu Itou, Kiyohiro Shikano, Tatsuya Kawahara, Kasuya Takeda, Atsushi Yamada, Akinori Itou, Takehito Utsuro, Tetsunori Kobayashi, Nobuaki Minematsu, Mikio Yamamoto, Shigeki Sagayama, Akinobu Lee
27 IREX: IR & IE Evaluation Project in Japanese Satoshi Sekine, Hitoshi Isahara
342 Issues from Corpus Analysis that have influenced the On-going Development of Various Haitian Creole Text- and Speech-based NLP Systems and Applications Marilyn Mason
209 Issues in Corpus Creation and Distribution: The Evolution of the Linguistic Data Consortium Christopher Cieri, Mark Liberman
246 Issues in Design and Collection of Large Telephone Speech Corpus for Slovenian Language Zdravko Kačič, Bogomir Horvat, Aleksandra Zögling
162 Issues in the Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems - Experience from the ACCeSS Project Thomas Brey, Gerhard Hanrieder, Paul Heisterkamp, Ludwig Hitzenberger, Peter Regel-Brietzmann
129 ItalWordNet: a Large Semantic Database for Italian Adriana Roventini, Antonietta Alonge, Nicoletta Calzolari, Bernardo Magnini, Francesca Bertagna