LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
62 Electronic Language Resources for Polish: POLEX, CEGLEX and GRAMLEX Zygmunt Vetulani
244 Enabling Resource Sharing in Language Generation: an Abstract Reference Architecture Lynne Cahill, Christy Doran, Roger Evans, Rodger Kibble, Chris Mellish, D. Paiva, Mike Reape, Donia Scott, Neil Tipper
67 End-to-End Evaluation of Machine Interpretation Systems: A Graphical Evaluation Tool Susanne J. Jekat, Lorenzo Tessiore
8 English Senseval: Report and Results Adam Kilgarriff, Joseph Rosenzweig
183 Enhancing Speech Corpus Resources with Multiple Lexical Tag Layers Andreas Witt, Harald Lüngen, Dafydd Gibbon
5 Enhancing the TDT Tracking Evaluation Amit Bagga
233 Establishing the Upper Bound and Inter-judge Agreement of a Verb Classification Task Paola Merlo, Suzanne Stevenson
32 Etude et Evaluation de la Di-Syllabe comme Unité Acoustique pour le Système de Synthèse Arabe PARADIS N. Chenfour, A. Benabbou, A. Mouradi
41 EULER: an Open, Generic, Multilingual and Multi-platform Text-to-Speech System Thierry Dutoit, Michel Bagein, Fabrice Malfrère, Vincent Pagel, Alain Ruelle, Nawfal Tounsi, Dominique Wynsberghe
368 Evaluating Multi-party Multi-modal Systems Laurie E. Damianos, Jill Drury, Tari Fanderclai, Lynette Hirschman, Jeff Kurtz, Beatrice Oshika
163 Evaluating Summaries for Multiple Documents in an Interactive Environment Gees C. Stein, Tomek Strzalkowski, G. Bowden Wise, Amit Bagga
136 Evaluating Translation Quality as Input to Product Development Niamh Bohan, Elisabeth Breidt, Martin Volk
250 Evaluating Wordnets in Cross-language Information Retrieval: the ITEM Search Engine Felisa Verdejo, Julio Gonzalo, Anselmo Peñas, Fernando López, David Fernández
191 Evaluation for Darpa Communicator Spoken Dialogue Systems Marilyn Walker, Lynette Hirschman, John Aberdeen
101 Evaluation of a Dialogue System Based on a Generic Model that Combines Robust Speech Understanding and Mixed-initiative Control R. López-Cózar, A.J. Rubio, J.E. Díaz Verdejo, A. De la Torre
259 Evaluation of a Generic Lexical Semantic Resource in Information Extraction Joyce Yue Chai
355 Evaluation of Computational Linguistic Techniques for Identifying Significant Topics for Browsing Applications Judith L. Klavans, Nina Wacholder, David K. Evans
34 Evaluation of TRANSTYPE, a Computer-aided Translation Typing System: A Comparison of a Theoretical- and a User-oriented Evaluation Procedures Philippe Langlais, Sébastien Sauvé, George Foster, Elliott Macklovitch, Guy Lapalme
137 Evaluation of Word Alignment Systems Lars Ahrenberg, Magnus Merkel, Anna Sågvall Hein, Jörg Tiedemann
151 Experiences of Language Engineering Algorithm Reuse Björn Gambäck, Fredrik Olsson
369 Extension and Use of GermaNet, a Lexical-Semantic Database Claudia Kunze
202 Extraction of Concepts and Multilingual Information Schemes from French and English Economics Documents Peggy Cadel, Hélène Ledouble
35 Extraction of Semantic Clusters for Terminological Information Retrieval from MRDs Gerardo Sierra, John McNaught
79 Extraction of Unknown Words Using the Probability of Accepting the Kanji Character Sequence as One Word Hiroyuki Shinnou, Masanori Ikeya