LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
153 Derivation in the Czech National Corpus Jana Klímová, Jan Kocek
237 Design and Construction of Knowledge base for Verb using MRD and Tagged Corpus Young-Soog Chae, Key-Sun Choi
336 Design and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus Nick Hatzigeorgiu, Maria Gavrilidou, Stelios Piperidis, George Carayannis, Anastasia Papakostopoulou, Athanassia Spiliotopoulou, Anna Vacalopoulou, Penny Labropoulou, Elena Mantzari, Harris Papageorgiou, Iason Demiros
286 Design Issues in Text-Independent Speaker Recognition Evaluation Alvin Martin, Mark Przybocki
269 Design Methodology for Bilingual Pronunciation Dictionary Jong-mi Kim
177 Design of Optimal Slovenian Speech Corpus for Use in the Concatenative Speech Synthesis System Matej Rojc, Zdravko Kačič
20 Designing a Tool for Exploiting Bilingual Comparable Corpora Peter Bennison, Lynne Bowker
139 Determining the Tolerance of Text-handling Tasks for MT Output John White, Jennifer Doyon, Susan Talbott
329 Developing a Multilingual Telephone Based Information System in African Languages J.C. Roux, E.C. Botha, J.A. du Preez
349 Developing and Testing General Models of Spoken Dialogue System Peformance Marilyn Walker, Candace Kamm, Julie Boland
287 Developing Guidelines and Ensuring Consistency for Chinese Text Annotation Fei Xia, Martha Palmer, Nianwen Xue, Mary Ellen Okurowski, John Kovarik, Fu-Dong Chiou, Shizhe Huang, Tony Kroch, Mitch Marcus
95 Development and Evaluation of an Italian Broadcast News Corpus Marcello Federico, Dimitri Giordani, Paolo Coletti
90 Development of Acoustic and Linguistic Resources for Research and Evaluation in Interactive Vocal Information Servers Giulia Bernardis, Hervé Bourlard, Martin Rajman, Jean-Cédric Chappelier
38 Dialogue and Prompting Strategies Evaluation in the DEMON System Carine-Alexia Lavelle, Martine De Calmès, Guy Pérennou
33 Dialogue Annotation for Language Systems Evaluation Marcela Charfuelán, José Relaño Gil, M. Carmen Rogríguez Gancedo, Daniel Tapias Merino, Luis Hernández Gómez