LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
52 Creation of Spoken Hebrew Databases Tami Rannon, Ofra Golani, Anat Goren, Sherrie Shammass, Ami Moyal
53 PLEDIT - A New Efficient Tool for Management of Multilingual Pronunciation Lexica and Batchlists Damjan Vlaj, Janez Kaiser, Ralph Wilhelm, Ute Ziegenhain
55 Use of Greek and Latin Forms for Term Detection Rosa Estopà, Jordi Vivaldi, M. Teresa Cabré
56 Methods and Metrics for the Evaluation of Dictation Systems: a Case Study Maria Canelli, Daniele Grasso, Margaret King
58 Cairo: An Alignment Visualization Tool Noah A. Smith, Michael E. Jahr
59 An XML-based Representation Format for Syntactically Annotated Corpora Andreas Mengel, Wolfgang Lezius
60 An Experiment of Lexical-Semantic Tagging of an Italian Corpus Ornella Corazzari, Nicoletta Calzolari, Antonio Zampolli
61 SIMPLE: A General Framework for the Development of Multilingual Lexicons Nuria Bel, Federica Busa, Nicoletta Calzolari, Elisabetta Gola, Alessandro Lenci, Monica Monachini, Antoine Ogonowski, Ivonne Peters, Wim Peters, Nilda Ruimy, Marta Villegas, Antonio Zampolli
62 Electronic Language Resources for Polish: POLEX, CEGLEX and GRAMLEX Zygmunt Vetulani
63 SPEECON - Speech Data for Consumer Devices Rainer Siemund, Harald Höge, Siegfried Kunzmann, Krzysztof Marasek
66 A Treebank of Spanish and its Application to Parsing Antonio Moreno, Ralph Grishman, Susana López, Fernando Sánchez, Satoshi Sekine
67 End-to-End Evaluation of Machine Interpretation Systems: A Graphical Evaluation Tool Susanne J. Jekat, Lorenzo Tessiore
68 A Proposal for the Integration of NLP Tools using SGML-Tagged Documents X. Artola, A. Díaz de Ilarraza, N. Ezeiza, K. Gojenola, A. Maritxalar, A. Soroa
69 A Bilingual Electronic Dictionary for Frame Semantics Thierry Fontenelle
70 The Evaluation of Systems for Cross-language Information Retrieval Martin Braschler, Donna Harman, Michael Hess, Michael Kluck, Carol Peters, Peter Schäuble
71 Spoken Portuguese: Geographic and Social Varieties José Bettencourt Gonçalves, Rita Veloso
72 Portuguese Corpora at CLUL Maria Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento, Luisa Pereira, João Saramago
74 Reusing the Mikrokosmos Ontology for Concept-based Multilingual Terminology Databases Antonio Moreno, Chantal Pérez
75 Abstraction of the EDR Concept Classification and its Effectiveness in Word Sense Disambiguation Kimura Kazuhiro, Hirakawa Hideki
76 Will Very Large Corpora Play For Semantic Disambiguation The Role That Massive Computing Power Is Playing For Other AI-Hard Problems? Alessandro Cucchiarelli, Enrico Faggioli, Paola Velardi
77 Guidelines for Japanese Speech Synthesizer Evaluation Shuichi Itahashi
78 Constructing a Tagged E-J Parallel Corpus for Assisting Japanese Software Engineers in Writing English Abstracts Masumi Narita
79 Extraction of Unknown Words Using the Probability of Accepting the Kanji Character Sequence as One Word Hiroyuki Shinnou, Masanori Ikeya
80 Automatic Speech Segmentation in High Noise Condition Rosen Ivanov
81 Open Ended Computerized Overview of Controlled Languages Elisa Gavieiro-Villatte, Laurent Spaggiari
82 Shallow Parsing and Functional Structure in Italian Corpora Rodolfo Delmonte
84 Annotating, Disambiguating & Automatically Extending the Coverage of the Swedish SIMPLE Lexicon Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Maria Toporowska Gronostaj, Karin Warmenius
85 Providing Internet Access to Portuguese Corpora: the AC/DC Project Diana Santos, Eckhard Bick
86 Turkish Electronic Living Lexicon (TELL): A Lexical Database Sharon Inkelas, Aylin Küntay, C. Orhan Orgun, Ronald Sprouse
87 Orthographic Transcription of the Spoken Dutch Corpus Wim Goedertier, Simo Goddijn, Jean-Pierre Martens
90 Development of Acoustic and Linguistic Resources for Research and Evaluation in Interactive Vocal Information Servers Giulia Bernardis, Hervé Bourlard, Martin Rajman, Jean-Cédric Chappelier
91 An Architecture for Document Routing in Spanish: Two Language Components, Pre-processor and Parser Guillermo Rojo, Maria Concepción Álvarez, Pilar Alvariño, Adelaida Gil, María Paula Santalla, Susana Sotelo
92 Target Suites for Evaluating the Coverage of Text Generators John A. Bateman, Anthony F. Hartley
93 LT TTT - A Flexible Tokenisation Tool Claire Grover, Colin Matheson, Andrei Mikheev, Marc Moens
94 Perception and Analysis of a Reiterant Speech Paradigm: a Functional Diagnostic of Synthetic Prosody Albert Rilliard, Véronique Aubergé
95 Development and Evaluation of an Italian Broadcast News Corpus Marcello Federico, Dimitri Giordani, Paolo Coletti
96 Multilingual Linguistic Resources: From Monolingual Lexicons to Bilingual Interrelated Lexicons Marta Villegas, Nuria Bel, Alessandro Lenci, Nicoletta Calzolari, Nilda Ruimy, Antonio Zampolli, Teresa Sadurní, Joan Soler
98 Where Opposites Meet. A Syntactic Meta-scheme for Corpus Annotation and Parsing Evaluation Alessandro Lenci, Simonetta Montemagni, Vito Pirrelli, Claudia Soria
99 Controlled Bootstrapping of Lexico-semantic Classes as a Bridge between Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Knowledge: Methodology and Evaluation Paolo Allegrini, Simonetta Montemagni, Vito Pirrelli
100 Coreference Annotation: Whither? Rodger Kibble, Kees van Deemter