LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
351 Modern Greek Corpus Taxonomy George Mikros, George Carayannis
353 Language Resources as by-Product of Evaluation: The MULTITAG Example Patrick Paroubek
355 Evaluation of Computational Linguistic Techniques for Identifying Significant Topics for Browsing Applications Judith L. Klavans, Nina Wacholder, David K. Evans
356 Acoustical Sound Database in Real Environments for Sound Scene Understanding and Hands-Free Speech Recognition Satoshi Nakamura, Kazuo Hiyane, Futoshi Asano, Takanobu Nishiura, Takeshi Yamada
357 Using Lexical Semantic Knowledge from Machine Readable Dictionaries for Domain Independent Language Modelling George Demetriou, Eric Atwell, Clive Souter
358 Annotation of a Multichannel Noisy Speech Corpus L. Cristoforetti, M. Matassoni, M. Omologo, P. Svaizer, E. Zovato
360 ARISTA Generative Lexicon for Compound Greek Medical Terms John Kontos, Ioanna Malagardi, Spyros Fountoukis
362 A Self-Expanding Corpus Based on Newspapers on the Web Knut Hofland
363 A Web-based Advanced and User Friendly System: The Oslo Corpus of Tagged Norwegian Texts Janne Bondi Johannessen, Anders Nøklestad, Kristin Hagen
364 COCOSDA - a Progress Report Nick Campbell
366 The Treatment of Adjectives in SIMPLE: Theoretical Observations Ivonne Peters, Wim Peters
367 Cardinal, Nominal or Ordinal Similarity Measures in Comparative Evaluation of Information Retrieval Process Christine Michel
368 Evaluating Multi-party Multi-modal Systems Laurie E. Damianos, Jill Drury, Tari Fanderclai, Lynette Hirschman, Jeff Kurtz, Beatrice Oshika
369 Extension and Use of GermaNet, a Lexical-Semantic Database Claudia Kunze
370 Russian Monitor Corpora: Composition, Linguistic Encoding and Internet Publication Serge A.Yablonsky
371 An Open Source Grammar Development Environment and Broad-coverage English Grammar Using HPSG Ann Copestake, Dan Flickinger
372 Hua Yu: A Word-segmented and Part-Of-Speech Tagged Chinese Corpus Sun Maosong, Sun Honglin, Huang Changning, Zhang Pu, Xing Hongbing, Zhou Qiang
373 SPEECHDAT-CAR. A Large Speech Database for Automotive Environments Asunción Moreno, Børge Lindberg, Christoph Draxler, Gaël Richard, Khalid Choukri, Stephan Euler, Jeffrey Allen
374 Addizionario: an Interactive Hypermedia Tool for Language Learning Giovanna Turrini, Laura Cignoni, Alessandro Paccosi
377 Recent Developments within the European Language Resources Association (ELRA) Khalid Choukri, Audrey Mance, Valérie Mapelli