LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
201 A Framework for Cross-Document Annotation David Day, Alan Goldschen, John Henderson
202 Extraction of Concepts and Multilingual Information Schemes from French and English Economics Documents Peggy Cadel, Hélène Ledouble
203 How to Evaluate Your Question Answering System Every Day ... and Still Get Real Work Done Eric J. Breck, John D. Burger, Lisa Ferro, Lynette Hirschman, David House, Marc Light, Inderjeet Mani
205 What are Transcription Errors and Why are They made? Daniela Oppermann, Susanne Burger, Karl Weilhammer
206 On the Usage of Kappa to Evaluate Agreement on Coding Tasks Barbara Di Eugenio
208 Automatic Extraction of English-Chinese Term Lexicons from Noisy Bilingual Corpora Sun Le, Jin Youbing, Du Lin, Sun Yufang
209 Issues in Corpus Creation and Distribution: The Evolution of the Linguistic Data Consortium Christopher Cieri, Mark Liberman
210 Large, Multilingual, Broadcast News Corpora for Cooperative Research in Topic Detection and Tracking: The TDT-2 and TDT-3 Corpus Efforts Christopher Cieri, David Graff, Mark Liberman, Nii Martey, Stephanie Strassel
211 Using Machine Learning Methods to Improve Quality of Tagged Corpora and Learning Models Yuji Matsumoto, Tatsuo Yamashita
212 Quality Control in Large Annotation Projects Involving Multiple Judges: The Case of the TDT Corpora Stephanie Strassel, David Graff, Nii Martey, Christopher Cieri
213 Learning Preference of Dependency between Japanese Subordinate Clauses and its Evaluation in Parsing Takehito Utsuro
214 Live Lexicons and Dynamic Corpora Adapted to the Network Resources for Chinese Spoken Language Processing Applications in an Internet Era Lin-Shan Lee, Lee-Feng Chien
215 Lessons Learned from a Task-based Evaluation of Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation Lori Levin, Boris Bartlog, Ariadna Font Llitjos, Donna Gates, Alon Lavie, Dorcas Wallace, Taro Watanabe, Monika Woszczyna
216 Part of Speech Tagging and Lemmatisation for the Spoken Dutch Corpus Frank Van Eynde, Jakub Zavrel, Walter Daelemans
217 The Influence of Scenario Constraints on the Spontaneity of Speech. A Comparison of Dialogue Corpora Karl Weilhammer, Daniela Oppermann, Susanne Burger
218 Automatic Assignment of Grammatical Relations Leonardo Lesmo, Vincenzo Lombardo
219 Integrating Subject Field Codes into WordNet Bernardo Magnini, Gabriela Cavaglià
220 Building a Treebank for Italian: a Data-driven Annotation Schema Cristina Bosco, Vincenzo Lombardo, Daniela Vassallo, Leonardo Lesmo
221 Typographical and Orthographical Spelling Error Correction Kyongho Min, William H. Wilson, Yoo-Jin Moon
223 Application of WordNet ILR in Czech Word-formation Jana Klímová, Karel Pala
224 POSCAT: A Morpheme-based Speech Corpus Annotation Tool Byeongchang Kim, Jin-seok Lee, Jeongwon Cha, Geunbae Lee
226 A Flexible Infrastructure for Large Monolingual Corpora Uwe Quasthoff, Christian Wolff
227 Automatic Transliteration and Back-transliteration by Decision Tree Learning Byung-Ju Kang, Key-Sun Choi
228 Shallow Discourse Genre Annotation in CallHome Spanish Klaus Ries, Lori Levin, Liza Valle, Alon Lavie, Alex Waibel
230 Building a Treebank for French Anne Abeillé, Lionel Clément, Alexandra Kinyon
233 Establishing the Upper Bound and Inter-judge Agreement of a Verb Classification Task Paola Merlo, Suzanne Stevenson
234 Layout Annotation in a Corpus of Patient Information Leaflets Nadjet Bouayad-Agha
235 A New Methodology for Speech Corpora Definition from Internet Documents D. Vaufreydaz, C. Bergamini, J.F. Serignat, L. Besacier, M. Akbar
236 Coping with Lexical Gaps when Building Aligned Multilingual Wordnets Luisa Bentivogli, Emanuele Pianta, Fabio Pianesi
237 Design and Construction of Knowledge base for Verb using MRD and Tagged Corpus Young-Soog Chae, Key-Sun Choi
239 Introduction of KIBS (Korean Information Base System) Project Young-Soog Chae, Key-Sun Choi
241 Resources for Multilingual Text Generation in Three Slavic Languages John Bateman, Elke Teich, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Ivanna Kruijff-Korbayová, Serge Sharoff, Hana Skoumalová
243 A Multi-view Hyperlexicon Resource for Speech and Language System Development Dafydd Gibbon, Thorsten Trippel
244 Enabling Resource Sharing in Language Generation: an Abstract Reference Architecture Lynne Cahill, Christy Doran, Roger Evans, Rodger Kibble, Chris Mellish, D. Paiva, Mike Reape, Donia Scott, Neil Tipper
246 Issues in Design and Collection of Large Telephone Speech Corpus for Slovenian Language Zdravko Kačič, Bogomir Horvat, Aleksandra Zögling
247 ARC A3: A Method for Evaluating Term Extracting Tools and/or Semantic Relations between Terms from Corpora Christophe Jouis, ARC A3
248 A Parallel English-Japanese Query Collection for the Evaluation of On-Line Help Systems Richard F. E. Sutcliffe, Sadao Kurohashi
249 Principled Hidden Tagset Design for Tiered Tagging of Hungarian Dan Tufiş, Péter Dienes, Csaba Oravecz, Tamás Váradi
250 Evaluating Wordnets in Cross-language Information Retrieval: the ITEM Search Engine Felisa Verdejo, Julio Gonzalo, Anselmo Peñas, Fernando López, David Fernández