LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Paper Paper Title Authors
1 The Cost258 Signal Generation Test Array Gérard Bailly, Eduardo R. Banga, Alex Monaghan, Erhard Rank
2 Collocations as Word Co-ocurrence Restriction Data - An Application to Japanese Word Processor - Kosho Shudo, Masahito Takahashi, Yasuo Koyama, Kenji Yoshimura
5 Enhancing the TDT Tracking Evaluation Amit Bagga
7 GREEK ToBI: A System for the Annotation of Greek Speech Corpora Amalia Arvaniti, Mary Baltazani
8 English Senseval: Report and Results Adam Kilgarriff, Joseph Rosenzweig
10 SALA: SpeechDat across Latin America. Results of the First Phase Asunción Moreno, Robrecht Comeyne, Keith Haslam, Henk van den Heuvel, Harald Höge, Sabine Horbach, Giorgio Micca
11 Using a Large Set of EAGLES-compliant Morpho-syntactic Descriptors as a Tagset for Probabilistic Tagging Dan Tufiş
12 TransSearch: A Free Translation Memory on the World Wide Web Elliott Macklovitch, Michel Simard, Philippe Langlais
13 Semantic Encoding of Danish Verbs in SIMPLE - Adapting a Verb Framed Model to a Satellite-framed Language Bolette Sandford Pedersen, Sanni Nimb
14 A Comparison of Summarization Methods Based on Task-based Evaluation Mochizuki Hajime, Okumura Manabu
15 A Word Sense Disambiguation Method Using Bilingual Corpus Zheng Jie, Mao Yuhang
16 Perceptual Evaluation of a New Subband Low Bit Rate Speech Compression System based on Waveform Vector Quantization and SVD Postfiltering Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Ioannis Dologlou, Stylianos Bakamidis, Gregory Stainhaouer, George Carayannis
17 Terms Specification and Extraction within a Linguistic-based Intranet Service Sandro Pedrazzini, Elisabeth Maier, Dierk König
18 Semantico-syntactic Tagging of Very Large Corpora: the Case of Restoration of Nodes on the Underlying Level Eva Hajičová, Petr Sgall
19 Coreference in Annotating a Large Corpus Eva Hajičová, Jarmila Panenová, Petr Sgall
20 Designing a Tool for Exploiting Bilingual Comparable Corpora Peter Bennison, Lynne Bowker
22 Creating and Using Domain-specific Ontologies for Terminological Applications Diana Maynard, Sophia Ananiadou
26 The TREC-8 Question Answering Track Ellen M. Voorhees, Dawn M. Tice
27 IREX: IR & IE Evaluation Project in Japanese Satoshi Sekine, Hitoshi Isahara
28 Towards A Universal Tool For NLP Resource Acquisition Svetlana Sheremetyeva, Sergei Nirenburg
29 The Multi-layer Language Knowledge Base of Chinese NLP Hu Junfeng, Yu Shiwen
31 With WORLDTREK Family, Create, Update and Browse your Terminological World Yasmina Abbas, Marie-Luce Picard
32 Etude et Evaluation de la Di-Syllabe comme Unité Acoustique pour le Système de Synthèse Arabe PARADIS N. Chenfour, A. Benabbou, A. Mouradi
33 Dialogue Annotation for Language Systems Evaluation Marcela Charfuelán, José Relaño Gil, M. Carmen Rogríguez Gancedo, Daniel Tapias Merino, Luis Hernández Gómez
34 Evaluation of TRANSTYPE, a Computer-aided Translation Typing System: A Comparison of a Theoretical- and a User-oriented Evaluation Procedures Philippe Langlais, Sébastien Sauvé, George Foster, Elliott Macklovitch, Guy Lapalme
35 Extraction of Semantic Clusters for Terminological Information Retrieval from MRDs Gerardo Sierra, John McNaught
36 Obtaining Predictive Results with an Objective Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems: Experiments with the DCR Assessment Paradigm Jean-Yves Antoine, Jacques Siroux, Jean Caelen, Jeanne Villaneau, Jérôme Goulian, Mohamed Ahafhaf
37 MHATLex: Lexical Resources for Modelling the French Pronunciation Guy Pérennou, Martine De Calmès
38 Dialogue and Prompting Strategies Evaluation in the DEMON System Carine-Alexia Lavelle, Martine De Calmès, Guy Pérennou
39 SLR Validation: Present State of Affairs and Prospects Henk van den Heuvel, Lou Boves, Khalid Choukri, Simo Goddijn, Eric Sanders
41 EULER: an Open, Generic, Multilingual and Multi-platform Text-to-Speech System Thierry Dutoit, Michel Bagein, Fabrice Malfrère, Vincent Pagel, Alain Ruelle, Nawfal Tounsi, Dominique Wynsberghe
43 On the Use of Prosody for On-line Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems Marc Swerts, Emiel Krahmer
44 A Word-level Morphosyntactic Analyzer for Basque I. Aduriz, E. Agirre, I. Aldezabal, X. Arregi, J. M. Arriola, X. Artola, K. Gojenola, A. Maritxalar, K. Sarasola, M. Urkia
45 The EUDICO Project, Multi Media Annotation over the Internet Albert Russel, Hennie Brugman, Daan Broeder, Peter Wittenburg
47 Towards a Strategy for a Representation of Collocations - Extending the Danish PAROLE-lexicon Anna Braasch, Sussi Olsen
48 Perceptual Evaluation of Text-to-Speech Implementation of Enclitic Stress in Greek Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Athanassios Protopapas, Dimitris Dimitriadis, George Carayannis